Internship: Scholarship Driver

Location: San Diego (satellite)


Khong Meng Lee

Khong Meng Lee, born and raised in Sacramento, CA. I’ve been serving the Hmong Community ever since 2008. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design at International Academy of Design & Technology in Sacramento, CA in 2013. I am now a Graphic Designer and Photographer working all over the city in California. I am so happy and honored to accept this position and looking forward to help students that are in need of financial help. I understand that not everyone can afford college but this should not stop you from continuing your education. Remember, you’re not alone, take the chance and make it happen.


  • As a scholarship drive intern for Lao Hmong Family Association, your primary responsibility will be to assist with the identification of appropriate scholarship funders that meet the mission statements and values of the organization and the execution and submission of scholarship requests.
  • You will research scholarship opportunities, initiating contact with individuals or foundations and writing requests.
  • You will come away with an educational experience in and exposure to the scholarship driving process.

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