How to Apply


Applicant must complete a LHFA Scholarship Application Form, which can be obtained from the LHFA Education Committee or apply online.

Application must include a copy of the following:

  1. Official transcript including the first semester of their High School senior year or all college courses.
  2. One personal essay (and attach a page of extra-curriculum and leadership activities)
  3. Optional one letter of recommendation


The Scholarships Program will award four (4) scholarships.

  1. Three (3) $200 scholarships known as Higher Education scholarship will provide financial assistance during any year of college at a four-year accredited-college or graduate school.
  2. One (1) $400 scholarships known as Presidential Higher Education scholarship will provide financial assistance for any year of college at a two-year, technical, trade college or graduate school.


Scholarships will be awarded to Hmong children in the San Diego and Riverside County. The parent(s) must have three or more consecutive years of continuous residency in the San Diego County to be eligible.

To qualify for the scholarships, a student must be accepted to an accredited two-year, technical, trade or four-year college or university during the term immediately following high school graduation or enrolled at a two-year, technical, trade college or graduate school.


Candidates for the Higher Education scholarships will be evaluated on the following standards:

  1. Academic Achievement: The high school official academic transcript of each candidate will count heavily in the choice of scholarship winners. Candidates will be expected to have sufficient credits to begin undergraduate work. Candidates must be in a college preparatory or higher program and have maintained a minimum 3.0 (“B”) grade point average based on a weighted scale.
  2. Community Services and Extra-curriculum: Community involvement, services and extra-curriculum will also be counted.

In addition to Academic Achievement and Community Services and Extra-curriculum, candidates for the Presidential scholarships will also be evaluated on the following standards:

  1. Leadership: Demonstrated qualities of leadership, either in school or community activities will be heavily evaluated.


At the end of the school quarter or semester, all scholarship winners must forward their academic transcript or record to the LHFA Secretary of Education. In order to remain eligible, each winner will expected to maintain a 2.0 (“C”) grade point average.


The Scholarships Committee is under the directions of the LHFA Secretary of Education and President. They will form a committee to evaluate and interview the qualified applicants.


Online application will be available shortly.