Establish a Scholarship Fund

Hmong are passionate about giving the gift of education. Now it’s the time to invest.

By establishing a Scholarship Fund with Lao Hmong Family Association of San Diego, you are investing in the future of our children.

What to Give

Almost any kind of asset may be used to start your scholarship fund, including cash and real estate assets.

Naming Your Fund

A scholarship fund can be created to honor someone special, or on behalf of a business or organization. Whatever the reason may be, your scholarship will carry the name of your choice, including anonymity. 

How It Works

We assist with establishing scholarship criteria reflecting your passions and priorities.

You can be as involved as you like in the recipient selection process.

Upon selection, we will present the recipient with the scholarship at one of LHFASD’s annual events. You may meet and connect with the student(s) selected to learn more about what the scholarship means to them.

Minimum Amount to Open a Fund

The minimum to open a scholarship fund is $250. You may also contribute to an existing scholarship fund that matches your passion.