Education Committee


  • Set and execute strategic educational plans within the mission statement of LHFASD through the following tactical executions:
    • Provide resources for Hmong students to pursue higher education
    • Provide resources to Hmong parents about higher education process and roadmap
    • Provide financial assistance to Hmong students in their educational pursuit
    • Provide recognition opportunies of Hmong students’ accomplishments


True VanHou, Chair
True is a doctorate candidate in educational leadership

Dr. Chao Xiong, Former Chair & advisor
Dr. Chao receives a PhD and works in San Diego

Dr. Ma Vang, Former Chair & member
Ma is a PhD graduate from UCSD and teaches at UC Merced

Dr. Cheng Vang, Member
Cheng is a PhD graduate from Alliant International and interns in Los Angeles

Teng Yang, Member
Teng receives a BS degree from UCSD and works in Orange County

Wang Yang, Member
Wang receives a BS degree from SDSU and works in San Diego

Diane Vang, Member
Diane receives a BS degree from UCSD and works in San Diego