Advisor Network

One of the most common requests we hear from our ambitious and motivated students is that they want to connect with the San Diego Hmong professionals and community leaders to help them think through their professional aspirations.

The Advisor Network is a powerful new platform that allows Hmong students to connect 1:1 with a professional and/or community leader to help them along their intellectual and professional journey.

Three Ways An Advisor Can Share His/Her Expertise

  • Career Conversations: Share your industry expertise and knowledge
  • Résumé Critiques: Offer feedback from a hiring manager’s point of view
  • Mock Interviews: Provide the student practice for the big interview

How It Works

Complete the online form. Once entered, all your personal contact information will remain private.

Select your Availability
Identify when you’re available to advise a student.

Share Your Expertise
The Advisor Network will schedule the meeting and collect feedback following the consultation.
Who Can Join
All Hmong professionals and/or community leaders are eligible and encouraged to volunteer to join the Advisor Network. By supporting the advisor network, and by helping a current student, everyone wins!