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The mission of the Lao Hmong Family Association of San Diego (LHFA) is to preserve Hmong arts and cultural heritage, and at the same time to enhance the quality of life for the Hmong people by promoting higher education and social services.

LHFA Brochure (pdf)

San Diego Lao New Year 2012

2012 Graduation Party Pics

Potluck Picnic 8/124/2013

LHFA Fundraiser Party 9/8/12

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LHFA Fall 2012 Newsletter

San Diego NY ‘13 Magazine

Slide Show of Miss S. Cal ‘13

LFC & LHFA Presidents

San Diego Hmong New Year

Orange County Hmong New Year

Long Beach Hmong New Year

Fresno Hmong Intern’l NY

Banning New Year  

Chico New Year

Yuba City New Year

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LHFA 2013 Graduation Party


LHFA Fundraising Party, 9/21/13

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Paj Yi Yang Performed at SD   Hmong New Year ‘13

San Diego Lao New Year

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Sacramento New Year

Miss Hmong S. Cal 2012-13

San Diego Hmong New Year


Miss Hmong S CA Evening Gown

Miss Hmong Southern CA Photos

Fresno Hmong Intern’l New Year

Fresno United Hmong New Year

Miss Hmong Southern CA 2014

San Diego NY ‘14 Magazine

 Hiking Trails in SD and LA

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San Diego NY ‘05 Magazine

 Carslbad Flower Fields 2014


San Diego Lao New Year ‘14

Read and Write Hmong in One Day by LHFA

LHFA first posted the Read and Write Hmong Book on our website back in 2006.  The new and improved edition is finally here.  If you are a Hmong who speaks Hmong on a daily basis, reading and writing Hmong could be done in a day using this audio book.  If you would like to get a copy of the book on CD with a small donation to LHFA, please let us know.  For more information, please click here.

Test Your U.S. Geography


 Read and Write Hmong CD

Hmong Wedding Rituals Class

The Hmong Wedding Rituals (Kab Tshoob Kev Kos) class has started.  Ten students attended the class held on Thursday, May 22, 2014 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.  The class is free of charge and taught by Mr. Nao Lue Vue, Chair of the Hmong Wedding Rituals of the Lao Hmong Family Association in San Diego.  According to Mr. Vue, traditional Hmong marriages includea number of rituals/protocol which may take up to a year to learn.  These are age old practices which have been passed orally from generation to generation.  Since Hmong traditional weddings must be facilitated by the Wedding Negotiators (Mej Koob) from both sides of the groom and bride's family, Mej Koob have to be well versed on the wedding protocol and wedding songs.

For more information about the class, please click here.

 “Mej Koob” Class


Graduation Party

LHFA hosted the Graduation Party on Saturday, July 12, 2014. The party was held at the Vietnamese Federation Hall in Linda Vista. There were more than 43 Hmong graduates in San Diego this year; 20 college and 23 high school graduates. Councilmember Blong Xiong from the City of Fresno was the Keynote Speaker. One of the main point in Councilmember Blong Xiong’s speech was that he reminded the graduates not to forget who they are and be proud of the struggles that their parents had laid for them to be where they are.  He also mentioned that the opportunity we have in the U.S. to get an education in order to follow our dreams is one of the rare opportunity in the old country.  

Admission to the party was free.  The party was largely sponsored by the 2BC - 2 Brothers Construction Company located at 4660 El Cajon Blvd, Ste. 201 and the Hmong community in San Diego County.  Many thanks to all of you for making this year’s graduation party possible.

                For Graduation Party’s pictures, please click here.     

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LHFA Annual Picnic - 8/30/14